Coldy Real Estate Digest for January 18 to 25

Dear friends, Coldy Analytics department has studied real estate developments and prepared the Construction Industry News Digest for the past week. We’ll highlight the most important and relevant ones:
  • Almost half of all loans under the concessional mortgage program for new buildings at 6.5% are issued to young citizens under the age of 34 inclusive, according to a new study by DOM.RF, based on the statistics of loans issuance by Bank DOM.RF. In total, young people account for 46.5% of all concessional loans, including 41.2% borrowers aged 25 to 34 (the largest group) and 5.3% borrowers aged 18 to 24, as the bank’s press release reports;
  • Moscow broke the two-year record for new housing commissioning. In December 2020, 773 thousand square meters of new housing entered the primary market of Moscow real estate. This was the maximum of new housing commissioning per month over the past two years;
  • According to analysts from Metrium company, the average value per square meter in new business class buildings in Moscow amounted to 300.7 thousand rubles in the 4th quarter of 2020. This is 9% more than the results of the 3rd quarter (275.8 thousand rubles). In 12 months, this value increased by 24%. A year ago, a new business-class apartment cost an average of 241.7 thousand rubles per sq. m, according to the company’s press release;
  • The adoption of the law on the legal status of apartment hotels will lead to an increase in the cost of housing in such buildings, said the head of State Duma committee on housing policy and communal services Galina Khovanskaya. “They (prices - ed. note) will just go up,” Khovanskaya pointed out, answering a question about a possible rise in apartment prices after the adoption of the law.

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Coldy Real Estate Digest for January 18 to 25
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