Charitable Foundation dedicated to supporting and protecting children and motherhood A STEP INTO LIFE was founded in 2017 to create conditions for the intellectual and physical development of children and youth in Russia.

Coldy's priority in social and charitable engagement.

about the FOUNDATION

Founder of the Fund - Joint Stock Company; Non-public joint stock company COLDY Management Company.

Chairman - Chernova Anfisa.

Has a regional strategy and implements its programs in the Tula, Yaroslavl and Vladimir region. Office is located in Moscow. Has no filial branches.


LOOK INTO THE FAIRY TALE program creates themed playgrounds for children and revives historic fairy tale parks. It aims to increase the number of developing cultural and educational spaces for children in Russian regions that can be visited on a non-profit basis.

A step into life – hockey for children program assists regional children and youth hockey teams in organizing and hosting home and away sporting events. It provides the necessary sports equipment and gear. The goal is to preserve the health of the younger generation and promote a healthy lifestyle among teenagers.