Our Mission

For its employees, COLDY strives to become a space where they would want to return to implement the most daring and ambitious projects. The company creates all the conditions for comfortable work, development of potential and professional growth of each team member.


Moving forward
Our projects set trends in the real estate market. We believe in the power of collective effort and the importance of each team member and always work together to achieve a common goal.
Love of sports
The keynote of everything that happens in the company: we create large-scale residential neighborhoods in collaboration with big-time sports, support its development and promotion among young people and actively participate in team competitions.
The key to the success of any business. Our company is a place of good vibes and positive atmosphere that energize our employees to conquer new heights. Each of COLDY's departments works smoothly, like a premium Swiss watch, achieving outstanding results.
We value the sense of freedom and are not afraid to do more than what we are “expected” to do. Each employee contributes to the development of the company following the rhythm, schedule and from the location comfortable for them.


the team