Coldy Real Estate Digest for September 16-October 5


Dear friends! Here's a new issue of Real Estate Digest from Coldy for the period September 16-October 05. Today we will tell you about the most exciting events of September and the beginning of October 2021:

  • An extensive review of the real estate market in Moscow, New Moscow and Moscow suburbs at the end of September 2021;
  • Moscow took fifth place in the world ranking of housing price growth on the Global Residential Cities Index in the second quarter of 2021, climbing up 87 lines in the rating - its position corrected from 92nd place in the second quarter of 2020 (+2,4%) to fifth place in the same period of this year (+28,8%). In quarterly dynamics, the gap is not so noticeable: in the first quarter of 2021, the city was on the seventh place with a price increase of 22.4%;
  • According to the company Barnes International Moscow, the demand for buying overseas property among Russian customers increased by 30% compared with the pre-pandemic period. At the same time, buyers are more often interested in bonuses from the purchase of real estate in the form of a residence permit or passport. Analysts say that the most popular among Russians is Spain (Barcelona, Marbella), Italy (Tuscany, real estate on Lake Garda and Como), France (Cote d'Azur) and Monaco;
  • In the third quarter of 2021 the greatest demand on the market of new premium class apartments in Moscow was for small-sized apartments - up to 70 square meters (69% of the total demand). Colliers reported this to " Stroygazeta ", specifying that with a rise in key rate such objects act as an investment product for onward resale or lease.

You can read more about the above-mentioned events and other important real estate news in Real Estate Digest magazine published by Coldy.


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