COLDY Real Estate Digest for January 10 - February 10, 2022


The new issue of COLDY’s Real Estate Digest presents the most recent events that took place in the real estate market from January 10 - February 10, 2022.

The ESG agenda and its impact on the development business emerged as the key topic of the month. One of the most notable publications highlighting the subject was the column authored by Maxim Kavarianz, COLDY’s Chief Commercial Officer, in Vedomosti.Ecology. The speaker presented a detailed overview of how the ESG focus has affected bank product lines and what ESG-focused developments would be like in the near future.

One example of how the ESG focus, green agenda mainstreaming and technological adaptability are influencing modern development projects is the TALLER innovative business space project. Its lot sales were launched in January. The project is being built in one of the most highly-sought investment districts of today’s Moscow – the Paveletskiy Business District. Metrium analysts have conducted a full-fledged analysis and identified all the advantages of the location – the publication is also included in the Digest.

IRN.RU analysts believe that today’s real estate market has the potential to grow against the background of, inter alia, the processes taking place in the stock market.

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