Coldy Real Estate Digest for June 1 - 15


We would like to bring to your attention the new issue of Coldy's Real Estate Digest from June 01 to June 15.Today we are going to tell you about the most recent events of June:

  • According to the results of May the cost per square meter in the secondary market increased most in the Moscow region. The territory around Moscow is the cheapest location in Moscow region, and, against the background of steep price growth in Old and New Moscow over the last year, apartments near Moscow still have room for increase in price. The same cannot be said about New Moscow, where the average cost per meter has already left behind the housing prices in some districts of Old Moscow, including those located within the Moscow Ring Road;
  • - Almost all regions of Russia have asked the Ministry of Construction to extend preferential mortgage loan conditions for new buildings after July 1. The decision is under preparation, over 10 scenarios have been worked out;
  • According to a new study conducted by Bankrate service, 64% of millennial generation homeowners (aged 25-40) regret buying a property. The same index among baby boomers (aged 57-75) is only 33%. The biggest dissatisfaction for millennials who have bought residential property is their unpreparedness for the costs of property maintenance;
  • Following global experience, Russia is moving towards differentiated taxation and raising taxes for its rich citizens. However, the one who is truly rich is not the one who earns a high salary, but the one who owns expensive assets. And real estate is the main indicator of wealth, the article notes;
  • 55% of Russians consider rates on mortgage loans within the confines of 1-5% to be fair, which is even lower than the state program of preferential mortgage loans. Another 21% of respondents believe that mortgage loan rates should not exceed 1%. According to 7%, fair mortgage rates are in the 5-7% range, with only 2% agreeing to rates of 7-9%.
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