Monolithic works on Kazakov Grand Loft apartment complex were completed


The construction of the monolithic frame of Kazakov Grand Loft complex of premium apartments in Basmanniy district of Moscow has been completed. The project team held a solemn ceremony of pouring the final cube of concrete on September 29. Commemorative metal rods with engraved names of all the people who took part in the creation of the complex were also laid into the structure.

The Kazakov Grand Loft is being built in the historic center of Moscow on a street named after world famous architect Matvey Kazakov, the first architect of Moscow. The complex is located at a point of balance of the main city routes, within walking distance of Kurskaya and Chkalovskaya metro stations, and in the immediate vicinity of the Garden Ring, Red Square, Bauman Garden and other capital sights.

Konstantin Voinov, General Director for the technical client of the project LLC "Loftengineering" noted that works at the site are carried out at an accelerated pace: "The monolithic frame was erected in a record 11 months. More than half of the installation of translucent structures and internal engineering systems has been completed.

The facade solution of the complex is executed in the style of progressive modernism with elements of classicism - large-scale translucent structures are combined with classic hand-formed clinker brick.

Like other projects in COLDY' s development portfolio, the Kazakov Grand Loft is equipped with progressive service content, built according to the Smart-luxury principle. During the project presentation, COLDY Brand Director Mikhail Zvyagintsev noted that the maintenance system of the complex is designed based on a unique service design, which allows you to manage the object through an application on your smartphone. There are detailed lists of services covering everyday maintenance of the apartments, additional options, sharing options and a separate group of privileges addressed to the most demanding residents. The owners of the apartment will be able to determine the range of services by themselves or trust the technologies that will form groups of service functions based on personal preferences of the residents.

Kazakov Grand Loft offers 283 apartments in three different finishes and over 100 floor plans. Thanks to contrasting variations in the number of storeys from 4 to 11 and large window openings, most of the lots have picturesque views.

The technical solution of Kazakov Grand Loft is aimed at creating the most comfortable living conditions for all the residents of the complex, says the head of the general contracting organization of the project, Alexander Tsurkan: "The complex fully represents the technologies aimed at creating a comfortable living environment. It is a system of noise insulation technologies, including the installation of glass units with higher sound absorption, and a set of measures directed to protect the building from vibrations. The project completion date is scheduled for July 2022, said the representative of JSC "FODD".