Get the chance to buy apartments with the maximum profit


The construction of the N'ICE LOFT apartment complex is going on at a high speed.

The first foundations have already been laid: foundation pouring in blocks 2 and 3 is 50% complete, and in blocks 4, 6 and 7 is 100% complete.

At this stage, we put new lots on sale. At the same time, on August 16 the prices of N'ICE LOFT apartments will be going up. And prices will continue to rise as the level of construction readiness increases. Don't miss the opportunity to become a resident of the first of its kind cluster, which will serve as a stable foundation for your future achievements.

N'ICE LOFT is the world's first apartment complex created in collaboration with the sports industry leader. As soon as it entered the market, the project drew attention and was highly appreciated by experts. An entire sports city will grow on an area of more than 120,000 m2. Anyone choosing N'ICE LOFT is a winner.