TALLER and N’ICE LOFT by COLDY have won the Move Realty Awards


COLDY’s projects have won the annual Move Realty Awards. The A-class business space TALLER has been recognized as the best commercial property, while the multifunctional complex N'ICE LOFT has won in the Best Moscow Apartments nomination.

Each nominee for the Move Realty Awards undergoes a comprehensive assessment based on more than 50 criteria. Taken into account are not only such global characteristics of the property as the thematic concept, architectural and technical solutions, but also the individual approach to clients, building materials used and landscaping features.

The Move Realty Awards jury includes developer Sergey Polonsky, co-founder of the architectural bureau Ostozhenka Andrey Gnezdilov, chairman of the board of directors of BEST-Novostroy Irina Dobrokhotova, general director of the real estate agency BON TON Natalia Kuznetsova and a lot of other competent development market experts.

“Winning the Move Realty Awards means, without doubt, high recognition of the conceptual content of our projects, and recognition of competent development market experts at that. TALLER and N’ICE LOFT occupy a special place in COLDY’s portfolio as projects with a rich infrastructural and technological content and compliance with “green” standards. For their implementation, we invited the best architects and general contractors, who managed to immerse themselves in the ideological content of the conceptual design of the projects and implement them in every square meter,” COLDY’s commercial director Maxim Kavariants shared his impressions of the victory.

The concept of TALLER includes the creation of a high-quality IT landscape through the arrangement of its own Data Center. As of today, this is an absolutely exclusive solution for the business center segment. The own data processing center will ensure increased security of data, faster work with it and fault tolerance, as well as provide potential for scaling the residents’ business. TALLER is designed in accordance with the standards of the certificate Cloud Ready Building, a system for evaluating IT solutions for digital real estate in the commercial segment.

TALLER has an integrated energy recuperation system that includes solar panels, which occupy at least 50% of the roof, and energy-generating flooring. All produced resources will be directed to the lighting of common areas.

The innovative ideas of the concept are also reflected in the financial model of the project. The developer of the project COLDY decided to implement TALLER in accordance with the law on shared-equity construction. Thus, for each purchase, a co-investment contract is concluded and settlements are made through escrow accounts opened in Sberbank for project financing.

The concept of the multifunctional complex N’ICE LOFT is based on the idea of ​​a rational neighborhood of business class apartments with a large-scale sports infrastructure that makes it possible to practice more than 15 sports without leaving the yard.

The design of N’ICE LOFT includes a sports and recreation center with two ice arenas equipped with everything necessary for professional ice sports training. And for outdoor practice, it provides a spacious sports park, open to everyone. On its territory, there will be arranged public training sessions in running, skateboarding, mini-football, which professional trainers will run absolutely free of charge for all comers.

N'ICE LOFT enables to choose a layout to suit any taste: compact studios of 17 sq m or spacious 80-meter lots with master bedrooms and generously sized terraces. On the first floors, apartments are available with private 10-meter patios and high ceilings, making it possible to arrange a mezzanine floor.