Sales of TALLER business space lots have started


The first innovative A-class business space lots TALLER are already available for purchase. TALLER is located in the epicenter of the metropolis business life, the Paveletsky business district of Moscow, which features the best transport solution.

The TALLER's concept is based on a synergy among technologies and environmental friendliness, through which the project should upgrade the approach to office life management.

In order to create the innovative project, COLDY summoned a team of acknowledged leaders in the modern development. The architectural design bureau «SPeeCH» endeavored as the author of the architectural concept, while the construction company FODD has already commenced with the realization of the design concept.

Every detail of the complex features the highly advanced approach, including the organization of the promotion campaign. The lots shall be sold under equity participation agreements and using Sberbank escrow accounts; this is perhaps the first time when a mechanism that has proven itself in residential construction would be deployed in the commercial real estate segment.

TALLER incorporates a lot of unique solutions:

  • Seamless technologies, based on the Face ID system, would, in a noncontact way, build up the logistics supportability of each resident/visitor movement within the complex. The system would itself determine the best pathway and make sure that along the entire route a person would not have to press a single button – the system would even call the elevator to bring the visitor to the right floor.
  • The in-house Data Center would provide for an unprecedented level of IT infrastructure in the framework of the project, as it provides for stable and seamless Internet access, as well as reliable data storage.
  • Compliance with "green" LEED and BREEAM development standards and comprehensive energy recovery system: from large-scale solar panels on the roof to electromagnetic generators built in the flooring to convert every step into electricity.

You may find more detailed information about TALLER at the official website of the project.