The secret of relevance: how TALLER designers have invented the office of the future concept


What should an office be like to remain relevant on a horizon spanning decades? Protection from obsolescence lies in taking into account the main trends driving modern business development, such a global digitalization, ESG focus and ubiquitous penetration of AI technologies. Using TALLER business space as an example, FORCITIES forum attendees discussed how it is implemented in practice. A forward-looking A-class project case was presented by Sergei Kudryavtsev, COLDY’s Commercial Real Estate Director.

On the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new office space concepts should take business development prospects into account. Universal digitalization increases manifold the requirements applicable to IT landscape of business spaces, which should have a great potential for scaling and cyber protection.

At the heart of TALLER IT solution is its in-house 140 server rack Data-center which will fully meet the residents’ digital needs. Having the capacity is 1 MW, the data center complies with Tire III increased reliability level. Today, TALLER is the only project on Moscow office real estate market that has an in-house data center.

An in-house Data Center increases the reliability of IT and telecom services, reduces the time of scheduled maintenance work and optimizes the cost of digital infrastructure for the residents.

TALLER’S ESG vector lies in compliance with “green” standards and a comprehensive recuperation system – half of the office cluster roof consists of solar cell batteries which, together with power generating flooring, generate energy for the common areas.

TALLER is being built in a highly developed Paveletskiy business district known for its historical business infrastructure and a convenient transportation solution. The future Derbenevskaya MCD station, which will be located within walking distance from TALLER, will provide a quick 12-minute ride to Paveletskaya metro station. The complex is surrounded by office buildings and hotels that are already in operation.

TALLER’s technology excellence features complete advanced solutions. Its face identification system provides seamless routes for all residents. The parking lot is equipped with the plate number recognition system, and the climate control system and biodynamic lighting ensure comfortable everyday business activities.

TALLER is a business space offering 36,000 m2 total floor area of office space and 3,500 m2 of commercial space. The complex is being built under the shared construction law whereby trust management agreements are entered into and escrow accounts opened with Sberbank are used.

The architectural solution for the project was designed by SPEECH architecture firm with FODD being the general contractor.