SberMobile to create a digital environment in TALLER


COLDY has signed an agreement with SberMobile, a telecom industry leader, to work out a conceptual design of Unified Digital Environment, a software and hardware complex to be used within the TALLER business space.

The product will become the core of the project’s digital ecosystem. Unified Digital Environment is built on the basis of SberMobile’s IIoT Platform. Its functions will include monitoring and managing of the interactions between various engineering and IT systems, the management company, and the tenants.

Unified Digital Environment will manage the operations of the engineering, security and access control systems, as well as other elements of the building. A single automated umbrella monitoring system will ensure enhanced reliability and operability of all utilities and service lines. As a means of effective communication between the management company and the residents, every tenant will have their online personal area. Using that profile, they will be able to report meter readings, apply for passes and parking spaces, and receive other services available from the management company.

TALLER, an A-class business space, is fitted with advanced IT solutions. In particular, the project will implement the principle of seamless access and smart navigation within the territory using biometrics and Face ID. In addition, biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in TALLER to map out standard operating procedures for various engineering systems. They will help cut costs on resource consumption and create a more comfortable and personalized work environment for the residents. Half of the roof surface of the buildings will be occupied by solar panels, which will further contribute to the reduction of electricity bills. At the heart of the project’s IT infrastructure will be its own data center, equipped and operated by 3data, a company billed as a market leader in data storage and processing.