Kazakov Grand Loft’s Statement of Compliance Obtained


It took us only 11 months to build the Kazakov Grand Loft apartment complex. At the end of last year, we announced that we would be ready to commission the building 6 months ahead of the original deadline. Is it possible to complete such a project without affecting its quality? Of course, it is. COLDY has obtained the Kazakov Grand Loft’s statement of compliance, which confirms that the building meets the requirements of the project disclosure statement and technical regulations.

“From the very beginning, the Kazakov Grand Loft apartment complex was implemented at a steady pace. The project was completed in a record time of 11 months after the groundbreaking ceremony. For this purpose, we used a large number of mechanisms and construction equipment at the construction site”, Konstantin Voynov, Director of OOO Loftengineering, the project’s technical coordinator was quoted as saying.

“We managed to keep a fast pace at the beginning of this year. While the project implemented a lot of domestic building materials, the foreign ones were delivered to the construction site in advance. Thus, the import substitution was kept to a minimum”

Kazakov Grand Loft is an architectural example of a high-quality metropolitan life in the Central Administrative Okrug of the capital. The complex includes 283 apartments and 100 planning concepts, which personalizes almost every lot of Kazakov Grand Loft.

The apartments are located in 3 sections of dynamic height providing amazing views of the center of Moscow. Particularly fantastic views are available from spacious 100 m2 penthouses with private terraces and outlets for fireplaces.

Kazakov Grand Loft offers an intelligent service solution based on the smart luxury principle. The system is based on a unique service design, which enables to manage the apartment through a smartphone app. The list of services includes a babysitter, a private chef, a house master, a florist and many other sharing solutions to provide the complex residents’ with comfortable living environment.