The first cube of concrete has been laid in the foundation of the TALLER business space in the Paveletsky business district


Today, the first cube of concrete has been poured into the foundation of the A-class business space TALLER. Together with the developer COLDY, the solemn ceremony has been attended by representatives of the project team: the architectural bureau SPEECH and the general contractor FODD.

TALLER is a project based on the synergy of advanced technologies and eco mechanics. Office spaces are sold according to 214-FZ, a unique scheme for the commercial segment. Thus, for each deal, a co-investment contract is concluded, and settlements are made through escrow accounts opened in Sberbank for project financing.

The construction is underway in the Paveletsky business district of Moscow at the address: 8 Zhukov passage, on a plot of 12 thous. m2. The actively developing location has good transport accessibility and an established commercial infrastructure.

“Each project by COLDY begins with the laying of a time capsule with the names of all project participants. For the digitalized TALLER, we have used microcircuits sealed into hermetic boxes,” notes COLDY’s commercial director Maxim Kavariants.

The business space project is in compliance with the certificate Cloud Ready Building: it is a system for evaluating IT solutions in commercial properties. TALLER will open a new level of IT and telecom services thanks to its own Data Center with 140 server racks. The local data processing center makes it possible to save data, speeds up the work with it, as well as opens wide horizons for residents to scale business processes.

“Own Data Center is an unprecedented solution for an office project. Engineering-wise, the room of a data processing center requires the installation of additional cooling and dust-removing systems. After commissioning, the Data Center will operate in the round-the-clock maintenance and security mode,” notes Konstantin Voynov, Director of the project’s technical customer - the company Loftengineering.

TALLER is designed in accordance with the "green" standards of ecological development. The complex will be equipped with a well-thought-out energy recuperation system, including large-scale solar panels on the roof and energy-generating flooring in the halls: the obtained energy will be supplied to common areas. The landscaped territory includes a real garden, which will be located along the perimeter of the seventh floor of one of the buildings. As envisioned by the authors of the architectural appearance, the bureau SPEECH, such landscaping emphasizes the environmental friendliness and closeness of the project to nature.

“Historical elements had not been preserved by the time the project development began, that is why it was decided to recreate the proportions of the base of the building, the memory of the place, to show the difference between the new accepted and former historical heights,” said the author of the project, partner of the architectural bureau SPEECH Sergey Choban.

The construction of the TALLER business space began in the January of this year. The general contractor FODD managed to carry out a full range of organizational measures for active construction at the site in record time.

“We are grateful to the customer for the opportunity to be the executors of the TALLER facility. This is not our first project with the company COLDY, and thanks to the well-established high-quality interaction, we hope that the speed, without compromising the quality, will gravitate towards the optimal one. We hope that the launch of a new project will be the beginning of even better interaction and a starting point for new joint projects,” said Alexander Tsurkan, Deputy General Director of FODD ID.

The total area of ​​the business space offices amounts to 34 thous. m2. The complex consists of western and eastern buildings with a height of 12 floors. Under them there will be parking provided with a number recognition system and charging stations for electric cars. TALLER will implement a digital seamless infrastructure, including the system Face Identification. It will enable to generate probable user scenarios based on the data collected.

The commissioning of TALLER is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.