Official groundbreaking ceremony for Kazakov Grand Loft


On November 14, the official groundbreaking ceremony of the future Kazakov Grand Loft apartment complex took place.

The foundation stone of the project that combines classic design and high technology in the loft style was laid by Konstantin Voinov, Head of the technical customer of Kazakov Grand Loft project. The ceremony was attended by Project Manager of FODD JSC Alexander Tsurkan and Construction Manager of FODD JSC Ivan Kovach. The event was also joined by the blogger and owner of Whitewill real estate agency Oleg Torbosov, whose team reached record figures in just a few months of selling lots in this property.

 “Builders and architects have traditions of their own. When constructing the foundation of a building, they perform symbolic ceremonies of putting time capsules into foundations. In ancient times, they laid coins of various values. We are also true to our building tradition. The first stone in our foundation slab is going to bear permanent marks left by each full-fledged project participant. This event can rightfully be considered a transition to a key stage in the construction of the Kazakov Grand Loft complex and the start for developing a dynamic interactive environment with its own unique interior design,” Konstantin Voinov, Head of the technical customer of Kazakov Grand Loft project said.

Kazakov Grand Loft is a project of an apartment complex based on innovative architecture design. For buyers, there are more than a hundred options for planning solutions, including panoramic penthouses complete with intelligent Grand Loft services controlled over a user-friendly mobile application. The service design is based on adaptive neural networks that will exclude any options unpopular among the residents of the complex and offer only services that are in demand for living comfortably. Built-in artificial intelligence technologies will automate the entire apartment management process based on the owner’s habits. The basic services will include both internal services, such as cleaning, house administration, food delivery, or florist, and the services available on the territory of the complex, such as walking pets, dry cleaning services, a community zone, and the services of sharing scooters, electric bicycles, sports equipment and parking spaces.

 “The design is based on the innovative concept of Smart Luxury, thought out in accordance with the latest trends in architecture and the requirements of cultural and business elite. There will be no need to choose between classic world heritage and the respectability of modern lofts. In Kazakov Grand Loft, you will be in the center of a special world, where you can manage the systems of your home, order services from providers and get everything you need with one flick of your finger. In the development of high-tech facilities, individuality and comfort are our secret ingredients. Perfection is unattainable, but that gives rise to an even greater desire to strive for it,” says Mikhail Zvyagintsev, COLDY’s Chief branding officer.

The area of ​​ improvement will be 3,507 square meters. Kazakov Grand Loft’s location offers direct access to Garden Ring and forms a convenient corridor for going both downtown and to any peripheral area. Red Square and the famous Zaryadye Park can be reached on foot, walking along the old Moscow streets Maroseyka and Ilyinka. In this location, you will feel the rhythms of the picturesque historical Moscow and the very center of modern metropolis.