N’ICE LOFT In Situ Works Completed


We have completed construction of all N’ICE LOFT buildings, that is: seven apartment buildings with varying number of storeys and a sports complex, which were all erected within the established deadlines. The whole project team has traditionally participated in the last concrete cube ceremony.

The N’ICE LOFT design solution contains a strong architectural metaphor, with the 21 storeys of the buildings symbolizing excellence in sports performance and the laconic selection of façade solutions reflecting the code of evolutionary developments taking place at the location right now. And N’ICE LOFT is the law-maker of this progression”, noted APEX Project Bureau Chief Architect Elena Strugovets.  

The situ works active phase coincided with the period of export restrictions. In order to ensure conformity with the project design and comply with the time limits, we, without delay, contacted Russian suppliers of concrete tiles, cementitious panels, and other construction materials with the required characteristics corresponding to the business class and green standards of the project.    

From the very first day of the construction, the quantity of the construction equipment was increased. We brought into operation seven tower cranes, what allowed to erect all the buildings at the same time. We provided for advanced digitalization of the N’ICE LOFT construction process. Fine adjustment and the enhanced system of resources monitoring allow to quickly and efficiently predict any weakness in the workflow and readily respond”, noted the Project Technical Customer’s Chief Executive Officer Konstantin Voinov.     

The sports complex with the area of 14 000 sq. m. is the cluster’s important and the most technically challenging element. It is a standalone building, which will comprise two ice rinks designed and equipped in accordance with the standards of the National Hockey League, with German machinery having no analogues in the domestic market – Olympia Icebear Electric ice resurfaces, cold supply, ventilation, air dehumidification complexes, and safety railings. All items were delivered well in advance by REMEXPO and Ratia Sport and are waiting to be installed.    

The sports complex will also accommodate multifunctional halls, halls for gymnastics and martial arts, and a large-scale recreation area. High-performance sports schools under Olympic champions’ leadership will also be located here.     

N’ICE LOFT is built on the mini-city principle, with the emphasis on various types of sports. In aggregate, the project infrastructure on the territory of the sports complex and the vast 6.3 sq. m. sports park allows to practice more than 15 types of sports. All sports elements of the cluster are designed to be reached in 90 steps.    

We have designed N’ICE LOFT with a view to each person, irrespective of the age, the level of physical load or busyness, being able to find his or her sport. That is why our professional ice rinks adjoin yoga facilities, mini football fields – the run track, and panna football – the skate park. The N’ICE LOFT residents will be introduced to these scenarios of life and sports from the very first day of its operation – for this purpose, we are erecting the sports complex simultaneously with residential buildings”, COLDY Marketing Director Mikhail Zvyagintsev points out.       

N’ICE LOFT is a complex built on the principle of a 5-minute access mini city with the maximum integration of sports in life, created at the juncture of the Tagansky and Nizhegorodsky Districts of Moscow. 

N’ICE LOFT Multifunctional Complex will be commissioned in the 1st quarter of 2024