COLDY greets veterans of the Second World War and their families


Ahead of the 77th anniversary of Victory Day, COLDY’s team organized festivities for veterans. In keeping with an established tradition, former home front workers, their families and descendants of WWII veterans were honored on the premises of the LOFTEC complex. During the Second World War, the renowned Moscow factory of accounting and analytical machines named after V.D. Kalmykov was located there.

COLDY’s staff was joined by Sergei Salnikov, deputy head of the Basmanny District Administration, Magomet Yandiev, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, and Oleg Eston, deputy of the Basmanny Municipal District. All of them greeted the veterans and other attendees of the gathering.

The Kalmykov factory was one of many manufacturing enterprises that saw their operations repurposed during the Second World War in order to contribute to the war effort. Shpagin and Sudayev submachine guns, which became the symbol of the Great Victory, were produced there. During the war years, over 1.7 million guns were turned out.


To commemorate heroic feats of the factory workers, COLDY installed a memorial with the names of heroes of World War II in 2019. It was recreated from a fragment of an obelisk found during the construction works. Thanks to the efforts of experienced restorers, the monument was rebuilt the way it had been before, and now it has become a symbolic tribute to military and labor exploits.

The veterans and other invited guests laid flowers at the monument as a sign of eternal memory of the workers’ remarkable deeds.