Maxim Kavaryants, COLDY’s Commerical Director, Tells CRE about Office Digitalization


Digitalization in office real estate is no longer a trend, but a must. According to independent estimates, by 2024, 75% of Russian businesses will need offices with a well-developed IT infrastructure. Maxim Kavaryants, COLDY’s Commercial Director, discussed it in greater detail in his CRE column.

The strong demand for business complexes with an extensive IT landscape is driven by the transition to digitalization in various industries. Residents of modern high-tech business centers include not only IT companies, but also financial sector, retail and media organizations, in other word, all those who use Big data, AI technologies and office computing.

Digitalized office spaces incorporate energy efficiency, security, and health care technologies. Top-level ones have their own data centers ensuring reliable data safety and security, fast information processing and scaling prospects.

In TALLER’s class A business space, data center is being organized by 3data, whose CEO Ilya Khala emphasizes the economic efficiency of such IT solution, “Optimization of IT and telecom costs is becoming a natural effect, as a data center replaces office server rooms, enables savings in communication costs and provides a combination of various services on a “one stop” basis.”

For more information on office digitalization please read Maxim Kavaryants’s column on CRE website.