Innovative mixed-use development N'ICE LOFT is being built at an accelerated pace


The construction of the mixed-use development N’ICE LOFT, unprecedented in scale in terms of its sport infrastructure, continues on the border of the Tagansky and Nizhny Novgorodsky districts of Moscow.

In accordance with the construction schedule, the development of N'ICE LOFT began with the apartment buildings. The project envisages seven blocks of variable height, with eight tower cranes involved in their construction.

        The installation of vertical structures of the underground part of the building is being completed in block No.1 - the constructors will soon begin installing the floor slabs. The installation of the vertical structures on the 1st floor of the second block is being completed and the reinforcement of the floor slabs has begun.

        The vertical structures on the first floor of the third block have been completed, the process of the floor slab installation is nearly finished. Concreting of underground parts and erection of vertical structures on the 1st floor have been completed in blocks No.4 and No.5.

        The construction progress of blocks No.6 and No.7 is slightly higher. The vertical parts on the second floor of block No.6 have been installed, and the concreting of the floor slabs and the erection of the vertical structures on the third floor have been started. Block No.7 has been completed up to the third floor, and the builders have already started the installation of horizontal and vertical parts of the fourth floor.

        At the same time, the builders have already begun preparatory work for the construction of the N'ICE SPORT health and fitness center. Excavation work is underway on the site and sheet piling of the excavation is being installed.