Construction of N'ice Loft mixed-use complex has started


The pouring of the first cube of concrete into the foundation of N'ice Loft mixed-use complex to be erected on the border of Tagansky and Nizhegorodsky districts of Moscow took place on June 8. The project's uniqueness lies in its large-scale sports infrastructure, consisting of a sports and recreation center with two ice arenas and a sports park.

The ceremony marking the start of construction of N'ice Loft was attended by Konstantin Voynov, director general of technical client of the project, Oleg Shishkin, head of real estate and development department of Customer Relations Department of Otkritie Bank, which provided project financing, Alexander Trunov, shareholder of general contractor Atomstroyrezerv, Elena Strugovets, chief architect of APEX project bureau, and other partners. Together with the first concrete in the foundation of the multipurpose complex a time capsule was put with the wishes to descendants from all participants of the project.

The start of construction of each COLDY project is an event, an important starting point on the way to creating something new. That is why we pay special attention to the tradition of laying the first concrete. It is particularly important that, in sharing the COLDY approach, our partners take an active part in this process.

says Konstantin Voynov, who started the pouring of the first cube of concrete into the foundation of Block 6 of N`ice Loft. The construction of the entire mixed-use complex with a total area of over 120 thousand square meters will start from this site, including 87.8 thousand square meters of apartments

N`ice Loft is not just a complex, it is an unparalleled infrastructure project in the capital, and we are proud to be part of this project.

For us, as the general contractor, the pouring of the first cube of concrete is a particularly important event, marking the beginning of the active construction phase and continuous work on the residential complex.

notes Artem Krasnov, Director General of Atomstroyrezerv

The project concept envisages the creation of a full-fledged sports cluster with an extensive sports infrastructure on the basis of N'ice Loft. N'ice Sport sports and recreation center with the area of over 14 thousand square meters includes two ice arenas designed according to NHL standards. Every detail of the complex has been thought out from the standpoint of maximum convenience for squash, mini football, volleyball, basketball and other sports physical activities.

One of the world leaders in the sports industry took part in the development of the sports park, thanks to which N'ice Loft acquired a 6,300 square meters area open to the public zoned for professional football, streetball, workout and other popular sports activities.

We are creating a truly unique, unparalleled project that is expected to become the capital's sports dominant. The team that developed the N`ice Loft concept took the idea seriously and, as a result, a unique sports infrastructure was designed in great detail, providing not only diversity of views, but also differentiation by various criteria, including age groups, popularity, seasonality and a host of other criteria.

adds Konstantin Voynov

The features of the N'ice Loft concept have already been recognised in several specialised contests. The project was pronounced the winner of the "Real Estate Market Records-2021" award in "Apartments No. 1" category and awarded the "Best Mixed-use Sports Facility - Discovery of the Year" prize according to the results of the SportsFacilities-2021 contest.

The official launch of N'ice Loft is scheduled for July of this year.