COLDY ranked among the best developers in terms of service culture


COLDY maintains high standards of client service culture. This is confirmed by the results of do A.S.A.P. agency’s annual rating, in which COLDY ranks second with 82 points. The high appraisal was given to the personnel of the sales department for Kazakov Grand Loft complex.

The rating of do A.S.A.P. is a comprehensive performance assessment of managers of real estate sales departments, based on the results of a series of test phone calls. The agency’s analysts assessed the work for the presence of a standard for leading telephone conversations and its quality: comprehensive dialogue assessment from greeting to correct termination, reference by name, managers’ competency and ability to present the information on the advantages of the project, discounts, actions, special offers, ability to determine the needs and taking active part in the dialogue.

The final report of do A.S.A.P. notes that in 2021 the client service level rose by 2 p.p. and thus amounted to 54%.​