COLDY receives permission to build the TALLER innovative business space


The COLDY developer has received permission to build TALLER, an innovative Class A business space. The project will be built in the Paveletsky business district, one of the most eagerly sought-after office clusters of the Russian capital city. The TALLER concept envisages creation of a high-tech office space that meets most stringent environmental requirements of green development.

TALLER will become one of the first business projects in Moscow implemented with co-investment agreements using Sber escrow accounts. A unique instrument in the commercial real estate market will be available to purchase lots, namely mortgage loans from partner banks. At the moment, the developer has already begun to build the list of future residents who will be able to purchase TALLER lots at starting prices immediately after the registration of the first co-investment agreement in December 2021.

The TALLER project team

The architectural concept of the intricate TALLER concept will be implemented by the Speech design bureau. FODD, a company that has been working in the capital city market for the construction of technically sophisticated and unique objects for more than 20 years, has been hired as the general contractor of the complex.

As early as at the pre-project financing stage, TALLER received a project bridge loan from SberInvest, which was the first transaction in which this type of loan product was used in the commercial real estate segment. Sber also provides project financing for the construction using escrow accounts.

Synergy of technology and eco-mechanics

The TALLER concept builds a business space that combines technologies into a synergistic system that creates a new level of comfort, safety and sustainability.

TALLER is based on the idea of ​​creating an interactive space controlled and managed by service solutions. Contactless interaction and intelligent logistics are built into the system, providing a customized approach to each resident.

Maximum security is achieved with the completely contactless access of employees and visitors, using the Face ID system. The visitor can walk along the entire route, from the entrance group to a specific office, without touching any surface: an interactive assistant at the reception desk will create the route, and, using motion sensors, the system will build a seamless route and even take an elevator to the desired floor.

In public areas, antibacterial surfaces will be used and air disinfection systems provided, which will operate even in the elevator cars. For maximum comfort, a biodynamic lighting system will be installed, which has a beneficial effect on human biorhythms, simulating natural sunlight.

The TALLER business space, designed according to the green LEED and BREEAM standards, is an extremely autonomous complex. The system includes large-scale solar panels on the roof and PAVEGEN flooring generators that convert steps into electric power.

Current trends in the development of business complexes have reached their evolutionary summit. So many global factors have never influenced the industry, inspiring new technological solutions. TALLER includes key solutions catering to the major consumer needs: a combination of modern technological know-how with a serious attitude to ecology and commitment to the environment,” notes Maxim Kavaryants, Commercial Director of COLDY.

TALLER in numbers

The TALLER business space will be built on a 1.19-hectare site. The total area of the complex will be 46,200 m2. The design solution provides for the construction of two 12-storey buildings, united by a stylobate, on which an urban plaza for leisurely walks and recreation will be located. Large-scale landscaping will cover 7,000 m2 and will include a closed park. The second building will have summer terraces on the southeast side of each floor.

The construction of the business space is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.