COLDY Shares with International Forum Its Experience in Creating Sports Clusters


COLDY development company presented its N'ICE LOFT apartment complex at Russia – Country of Sports International Forum attended by top officials of specialized government sports agencies, sports companies’ executives with the President of the Russian Federation as the chief guest of the event’s plenary session.

As part of the dialogue focused on the creation of urban sports infrastructure, Vasily Kvlividze, COLDY’s Chief Commercial Officer, spoke about the trends in the design of such facilities in development projects. Although the overwhelming majority of new residential complexes do have a sports component, new development projects that can boast a large-scale and diverse infrastructure are still few and far between. Most of them today are business and premium class developments where it is the project’s financial model, among other things, that enables the allocation of significant investments for such facilities. The creation of large-scale sports clusters as part of new residential areas has a significant positive effect not only on improving the image and attractiveness of districts and creating new jobs, but also globally facilitates the development of sports and makes a significant contribution to strengthening national health.

The expert also shared COLDY’s experience in creating its flagship sports project, N'ICE LOFT business class apartment complex. The project’s concept design was based on the analytical study of sports infrastructure availability in Moscow conducted by SportBusinessConsulting. The shortage of “ice” at N'ICE LOFT proposed location was one of the main triggers that put two NHL standard ice arenas in the core of N'ICE LOFT sports infrastructure. “We aspire to create a no-compromise project and therefore we have allocated as many as 20 thousand square meters of space for the sports infrastructure and sports park", said Vasily Kvlividze, COLDY’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The project is also unique in that we have engaged a global sporting industry leader to design the park, and filled the project’s functional infrastructure with sports schools run by our ambassadors – legendary Olympic champions".

Developers can be encouraged to create a greater number of such large-scale projects by city authorities granting them additional benefits. In particular, by providing suitable sites for development or project technical and economic performance requirements that would be more beneficial to developers. “Additional tools can include favorable tax and project financing rates, as well as subsidized mortgages", Vasily Kvlividze noted.

Project information

N'ICE LOFT is a business class apartment complex being built on the border of Moscow’s Taganskiy and Nizhegorodskiy districts at Avtomobilniy passage, Estate 4. The new residential block is conveniently located in terms of transportation options available – within six-minute drive from the Garden Ring and within walking distance from Volgogradsky Prospekt subway station and Novokhokhlovskaya Moscow Central Circle (MCC) station. The project includes seven buildings with varying number of stories (from 4 to 21 stories) and a first-rate infrastructure cluster.

At the heart of the project will be SPORT Gate sports and recreation center with an area of over 14 thousand sq. m, where all conditions will be created for practicing squash, choreography, as well as hockey and figure skating year round. Designed in partnership with a global sporting industry leader, N’ICE PARK sports park of 6.3 thousand sq. m will be located in the western part of the complex.