The first foundations have been laid. Construction of N'ICE LOFT apartment complex has started


Construction work on the N'ICE LOFT site began with the formation of a construction camp for the technical customer and general contractor service.The perimeter of the cut was insulated with sheet piling.All earthworks are scheduled to be completed in August

Eight tower cranes are planned to be installed on the site for the construction of the buildings. Four mechanisms have already been installed and put into operation. Concrete casting of the foundation for the fifth crane is in progress.

Seven apartment complexes are planned to be constructed within the N'ICE LOFT project. Work on their construction is already underway. Concrete preparation for subsequent reinforcement of the foundation slab is underway in Block No. 1. The monolithic foundation slabs of blocks 2 and 3 have been concreted halfway, and in block 4 this stage of work has been completed. Here the reinforcement and concreting of the vertical structures of the underground part of the complexes was also started. 

On the site of the fifth block there is a previously unfinished facility. Currently, its monolithic slab is being dismantled and expansion joints are being arranged for further arrangement of the monolithic slab of the N'ICE LOFT apartment block.

Pouring of foundation slabs is completed in blocks 6 and 7, reinforcement and pouring of underground vertical structures is in progress. Installation of the vertical structures of the 1st floors of the blocks is started.