• Recommend one of our projects to a friend or acquaintance
    • Present a friend or acquaintance with an “additional card”
    • After the transaction, you will receive an SMS about the CashBack accrued
    • Visit our sales office
    • Choose the method of spending bonus rubles (on the purchase account / withdrawal to a bank account *)
    • Fill out an application
    • Get benefits or cash in your bank account

    * - deduction of commission or tax is possible in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

How it works:

During the validity period of this programme, the client who purchased real estate in one of the projects by COLDY has the right to take part in the loyalty and recommendations programme (CashBack). The client signs an offer agreement to add them to the programme during a personal visit to the COLDY sales office. A set of cards (“main” and “additional”), as well as the rules for their use are issued upon conclusion of the agreement and filling in a questionnaire in the sales department. The procedure and form for the provision of services are subject to the offer agreement. 

Discount rate:

The rate of the discount provided to the holder of the “additional card” is 1% of the current promotions and offers, in accordance with the table of the combination of offers and discounts.

Amount of CashBack accrued:

The amount of the agent fee accrual for the “main card” is 1.54%*.

* (the pretax amount).

Validity period:
The programme remains in force indefinitely or until it is cancelled.

Discount scheme for the "additional card":

The discount is provided upon a lot reservation, upon a personal visit to the COLDY sales office and upon presentation of the “additional card” to the sales manager of the company.

Bonus roubles accrual scheme:

Bonus roubles accrual scheme is subject to this offer agreement.

! The use of the “additional card” and the CashBack accrual to the “main card” are not applicable if real estate agencies or other intermediaries take part in the offer or reservations.

Please consult your manager to find out how the CashBack programme works for promotional lots!