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Concept Loft LOFTEC, Innovation Site # 1 in Russia

News 15 June 2017

On June 15, 2017, the news agency Russia Today held a press conference on the results of the Eighth annual International Awards Records of the real estate market 2017. The Concept loft LOFTEC, one of the projects of the company Coldy, was awarded a prize in the category Innovative Site #1. The winners were determined by the expert jury, while the awards’ website hosted a vote including all the nominees.

The commercial director of the company Coldy, Pavel Logachev took part in the event as a speaker. He thanked the expert jury and participants of the vote for their appreciation of the project. «We are honored to get such a prestigious award,» the speaker said. «We pay a lot of attention to the technical equipment of the LOFTEC concept loft, implementing various innovative solutions and positioning the project as a technological loft. At the moment, we see that lofts, including small apartments, enjoy high demand. Many people dream of living in downtown Moscow in the special loft atmosphere, and an attractive price encourages them to purchase this kind of real estate. I am sure that after these awards, more people will want to become owners of stylish innovative apartments

In the project LOFTEC, the company Coldy implements a system of innovative technologies unprecedented in this country, for the management of the whole building as well as individual apartments. The residents are greeted by a robot concierge at the reception, with a video identification system. The elevators work on voice control, and the locks open touch-free. With a mobile application LOFTEC tailored to the residents of the house, they can remotely adjust the microclimate in the apartment, manage household appliances, monitor loft safety and order various services of both the management company and its partners (ordering food, washing or refueling the car, delivering the order from the restaurant etc.).