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LOFTEC sets the Market’s Record!

News 9 June 2017

On June 8, 2017 the Golden Palace (Moscow) hosted a solemn ceremony of the Moscow Business Club’s awards Records of the real estate market. The Concept loft LOFTEC, one of the projects of the company Coldy, was awarded a prize in the category Innovative Site #1.

In the project LOFTEC, the company Coldy implements an unprecedented system of innovative technologies for the management of the whole building as well as individual apartments. The residents will be greeted by a robot concierge at the reception, the elevators will work on voice control, and the apartments’ locks will open touch-free, with a smartphone. Each loft has a Smart House system pre-installed by the developer; the customer will only have to choose the optimal package of technologies and enjoy the modern innovations. LOFTEC is a house where technologies take care of residents, and this principle is observed everywhere. A mobile application LOFTEC tailored to the project’s needs makes it possible for the residents to stay in touch with the management company, plan expenses, and order various services of partner companies, in comfort and safety.

The winners were determined by the expert jury, while the awards’ website hosted a vote including all the nominees.