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Coldy Took Part in LG’s Partner Conference

News 29 May 2019

A delegation from Coldy headed by the executive board member and commercial director Elena Oreshkina attended LG Electronics’s main partner event in Russia.

“Being a dynamic company that implements conceptual loft projects in the Moscow market and a leader in introducing innovative solutions, Coldy is aimed at working with world leading vendors and trendsetters in the industry to improve its own product strategy,” noted Oreshkina. “We continue to develop consistent strategic interaction with our partners, and the LG Business Solutions conference was an excellent opportunity to learn first-hand about LG’s goals, technologies and business solutions”.

Together with the head of the LG Electronics RUS air-conditioning department, Alla Kozlova, Coldy’s commercial director demonstrated to the conference attendees a set of technological and product solutions implemented in the trend-setting loft project Loftec.

The need and relevance of integration issue was demonstrated on slides describing the advantages of the loft complex, the popularity of which stems from the customer trend for digital transformation and residential real estate robotization coupled with unique layout solutions and developed site in the city centre.

The multi-zone air-conditioning system, which allows you to customize the individual temperature conditions in each section of the loft, the “smart home” technology and designer interior decoration are just some of the project’s advantages in the competitive Moscow market.

In her speech, Elena Oreshkina paid special attention to cooperation with LG not only in the company’s flagship projects, but also in developing concepts for future ones.
 “A product line developed for a specific client, the implementation of innovative energy-efficient technologies and professional service support at all stages of real estate objects life cycle are characteristic of all projects of the company. The LG Partnership Conference is an effective mechanism for generating new ideas and finding solutions for adapting business to market conditions in a 3-5-year perspective”, specified E. Oreshkina.