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Coldy presented latest coliving cases at the ARCH Moscow NEXT! exhibition

News 17 May 2019

Elena Oreshkina, Commercial Director of Coldy, took an active part in the business programme of the ARCH Moscow 2019 international architecture and design exhibition as an expert on the main trends of the millenial buyers market.

In the framework of the round table “New formats of residential real estate: how to design and build, why invest, projects’ target audiences. Colivings, service apartments, rental housing ” with the participation of architects and developers, representatives of federal institutions and municipal entities, Coldy’s commercial director presented the professional view of a modern developer on the subject of popular trends in the development of a livable city.

 “Today, members of Generation Y are the most active buyers in the apartment market – 65% of millennial customers choose the capital’s high-quality apartment or loft complexes that have a convenient location and striking concept. Unlike their predecessors, generation X, members of  Gen Y are looking for housing next to their working place, and not a job next to the housing and the title of ownership is no longer as important as the “image of the place”. Millennials perceive modern complexes as part of a megapolis that must have a corresponding set of services for various target audiences. The existing interest of young Gen Y members and ambitious representatives of Generation Z to the concept of sharing housing requires that trendsetter companies work in the segmented consumer’s interests ”, said Elena Oreshkina.

According to her, the market is gradually turning towards conceptual real estate and the emergence of new formats. These are not just complexes for life, but synergy of several formats: colivings, coworkings, and local services that combine opportunities for learning, working, living, and entertainment.

In 2018, there was launched the first Russian large-scale project for a coliving loft – the Co loft complex, which was recognised as an example of an exceptional architectural concept within the framework of the professional contest Zolotoye Secheniye 2019 (lit. – Golden Section).

At the ARCH Moscow exhibition Coldy presented their project for the overhaul of the buildings of an electrical measuring instruments plant. The project, which preserves the object’s iconic industrial values, is in the active implementation stage. Its integrated community, working and residential areas, correlated with a variety of planning solutions: from studios to lofts with separate entrance groups and terraces, are the reason for the particularly high demand for real estate in the project.

As Coldy’s commercial director noted, the main clients of the complex near the Tulskaya metro station are young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, musicians, graduates and university students, for whom Co loft is a “socio-economic technopark”, where young intellectuals and creative people will be able to live and interact in a single environment.

 “Unlike members of older generation, today’s youth do not appreciate square metres, but the format and lifestyle, and the growing need for mobility forces Muscovites to change their priorities when choosing housing. Due to the irreversible further “uberisation” of society, in the next decade coliving in Russia will replace hostels as an alternative diversified format for a specific target audience”, summarised E. Oreshkina.