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Elena Oreshkina: «A loft in Russia is not only fashionable but also cost-efficient»

Publications 26 November 2018

GC Coldy’s Head of Sales highlighted investment opportunities for the redevelopment of industrial facilities at the international forum “Technological Breakthrough. Spatial development in Russia.”

Speaking at the interactive conference in the press center of the International News Agency “Russia Today” on the return on investments in loft redevelopment of buildings, Coldy’s expert discussed the prospects for innovative products of development.

Elena Oreshkina emphasized that the excellent merchantability of loft projects is just a consequence of the fact that loft style living satisfies the increased demand for comfort and mobility as global trends in urban planning. According to her, the fourth industrial revolution that is now upon us should be a stimulus for the innovative development of urban spaces and the city dwellers’ enhanced well-being. In the conditions of crisis-torn economy, progressive redevelopment solutions not only ensure effective integration of the latest trends in the design of urban architectural environment, but are also more profitable compared to other investment models.
 “Investments in high-quality loft projects provide the annual yield of 16 to 19%, depending on the concept and complexity of the project. Unlike bank deposits and investments in traditional types of residential real estate, such investments stand out because of their short terms (from 2 months to 2 years), clear predictability and strong super-profit potential,” Elena Oreshkina explained.

The Head of Sales presented the company’s existing projects executed in compliance with the “green” standards, and specified the innovative solutions implemented by GC Coldy. In particular, the use of BIM-technologies, energy modeling of facilities and integration of intelligent engineering systems allow for real-time monitoring of project implementation, making flexible changes to design solutions and estimates, and reducing expenses and subsequent operating costs by 15 to 40%, depending on project constructability.

GC Coldy’s Head of Sales announced the start of the company’s new project, Loft FM complex that will be a result of the upcoming reconstruction of Moscow Institute of Radio Communications building. The news aroused a keen interest among the guests of the conference set up with the assistance of the Expert Council on Innovations within the Russian Managers and Developers Guild. The future residential building will retain the “Stalinist” architectural style, updated with modern engineering equipment, a rich infrastructure and its own radio station.

Oreshkina noted the paramount importance of using the most advanced technologies in the future project: “Everything that we do is innovative. It is important for us to create projects that are unique in their concept and content. However, innovations require freedom and responsibility. Only if both of these components are present, is it possible to create housing estates with unique features.”