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The Loftec Complex becomes a world-class example of technological effectiveness

News 16 November 2018

The intellectual equipment of the business class concept loft complex created by GC “Coldy” gained acclaim among the 40-million audience of the international TV channel Russia Today.

A new episode of “Erick’s List” (La Lista de Erick), infotainment program hosted by Mexican actor, traveler and TV presenter Erick Fonseca, was focused on the topic “Robots: the future has come” (Robots: El futuro es ahora).

The innovative Loftec complex based on the alliance of digital technologies and the industrial past, served as an example of effective integration of smart home concept into a comfortable living environment.

“Imagine yourself coming home to be greeted by a faithful robot dog; a cup of coffee, a burning fireplace and a warm bathroom are already waiting for you. There is nice soft music from the speakers, and the lighting that adapts to the home owner’s needs. This is not an episode of a sci-fi movie, this is a reality,” Eric said, welcoming his Spanish speaking viewers in Russia, Europe, Latin America and the USA.
During the program, the journalist also demonstrated how to operate the elements of a Loftec smart home using a mobile application on a tablet, and communicated with the robot concierge in the lobby of the loft complex.

According to Elena Oreshkina, Head of Sales of the Group of Companies Coldy, digitalization and smart technologies can provide a personal approach to each client.

“The technological evolution inevitably affects the evolution of human communities and customer services. The company “Coldy” strives to anticipate customer expectations and enables the interaction in any communication channel. The idea of “inviting” robots to help solve everyday tasks is suggested by the requirements of the market, which is still principally a “buyer's market”. The “smart” systems of the Loftec project are targeted at improving the lives of future home owners and at minimizing the efforts spent on daily routine,” Elena Oreshkina noted.