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Discount on White box in Kleinhouse: the Lofts in White!

Special offers 1 November 2018

In November, the company “Coldy” provides a 5% discount on white box lofts in the unique Kleinhouse residential building.

White box decoration is a great opportunity to save time, money and effort on decoration, and implement the most daring ideas in interior design.

The prefinished white box decoration from GC “Coldy” represents excellent quality lofts with high ceilings and smooth white walls, which makes it possible to immediately begin the most enjoyable creative process of the final decoration based on your personal preferences.

“The decoration from the developer is gaining increasing popularity,” notes Elena Oreshkina, GC “Coldy” Head of Sales. “However, many of our customers aspire to design their apartment finishing look according to their liking, down to slightest nuances. Purchasing white box lofts is a kind of “golden mean.” The construction workers do all the messy and expensive work of preparing the floor, walls, and ceilings for finishing, leaving to the customers the opportunity to put their personal design ideas to practice in final decoration.”