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Head of Sales of the GC «Coldy» spoke as a special guest of Radio Megapolis

News 19 October 2018

Elena Oreshkina, Head of Sales of the company “Coldy,” took part in the Special Guest Show program on Megapolis 89.5 FM radio station.

During her hour-long live chat with the host Alexander Rulev, the expert of Moscow loft apartments market discussed today’s trends and specific features of loft style life.

“In the context of today’s fast-paced life, the efficiency of spending leisure time is very important. Maximum mobility and functionality based on “live-work-rest” principle is one of the main features of high-quality loft projects. In a certain sense, GC Coldy’s projects are changing the concept of lifestyle. They enable the customers to unlock their potential and contribute to their creative and intellectual development. The company has 15 years of experience in creating high-demand loft projects. Wide walls, high ceilings and the concept of common areas that take current global trends into account are steadily attracting interest for life in loft style,” Oreshkina pointed out.

The industrial atmosphere of brick walls, metal structures and living history conveys a sense of freedom and a creative atmosphere, serving as a source of inspiration for active citizens. This is why the revival of old industrial sites became a trend in the modern culture.

According to the Head of Sales of the company “Coldy,” loft projects’ target audience is much wider than is commonly believed. The comprehensive integration of the classic “red brick” heritage, industrial layouts, “smart home” technologies and innovative approach to multifunctional spaces management are attractive because they offer unconventional solutions.

“Sociable creative professionals and intellectuals; fans of home comfort and privacy; active business people and rational investors, top managers and students – everyone finds solutions that suit their needs in the exclusive loft format,” Oreshkina specified.

The speaker added that the emerging “buyer’s market” grows more and more demanding in the requirements for residential real estate as a conceptual environment with a special format and style of the future for each client.