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KleinHouse loft complex was shown in more than 800 Russian movie theaters

News 18 October 2018

About 170 thousand viewers of one of the most notable premières of the year, the film “The Perfect Ones” saw the interiors created by “Coldy” Group of Companies in a loft apartment building of downtown Moscow.

Released on October 11, the best romantic film of this autumn quickly gained popularity on large screens. The picture, partly shot in KleinHouse project setting, collected over 40 million rubles just in the first weekend. The emotional melodrama is the second full-length work of Kirill Pletnyov as a director. This is a story of two girls who have very different personalities and are in love with one man. After his sudden death, they start getting text messages on behalf of the deceased, requesting  to fulfill his last will. To unravel the mystery of the messages, the girls decide to forget their strife and go on a quest journey.

The film play was created by Darya Gratsevich and got into the top of the Cinema Foundation’s screenplay rating. Talented actors Rinal Mukhmetov, Polina Maksimova, and Lyubov Aksenova starred in the movie.

To get her part in the film, Maximova radically changed her image from the TV show “Deffchonki” (“The Girls”). She cut her hair short and lost 12 kilograms. In the screenplay, her character is an active, bold and charismatic apartment owner who lives in St. Petersburg. According to Kirill Pletnyov, KleinHouse is the most suitable location for filming St. Petersburg in Moscow.

 “At first, we were considering some options in old Moscow neighborhoods, trying to find something similar to downtown St. Petersburg and Nevsky Prospect. However, we wanted the location to be a modern space, preferably a loft, and we also wanted a certain view from the windows. Then, on visiting KleinHouse, we suddenly realized that the building had a “well” courtyard, so characteristic of St. Petersburg. We saw at once that we hit the mark. This is why we can say that our choice of the setting was influenced by this special site,” Pletnyov explained. “A loft is a space that can be decorated by its residents who give it a special atmosphere, bringing in some of their personality. This is certainly attractive. And this is partly why we chose a loft as a residence for our heroine.”

Elena Oreshkina, Head of Sales of the company Coldy, noted that the film was really powerful; it deeply touched the audience because everyone could relate to the story.

 “A loft requires natural materials, just as a good movie requires natural emotions. No one can remain indifferent watching the honest, open, and sincere actors’ play in the film “The Perfect Ones.” The natural lighting in open air and in the interiors, exceptional soundtrack based on real sound of musical instruments that appear on screen; all this is truly inspiring,” Oreshkina said. “A new life cannot be given to an old industrial building without inspiration. Coldy has 15 years of experience in creating loft projects that are in demand by buyers, for investment purposes and for personal use. Our projects are designed primarily for modern and creative people. Music hits are often recorded in the lofts. So, the life in loft style could serve as an incentive for personal development of the film’s second heroine, a teacher of music played by Aksenova.”

According to Elena, the film “The Perfect Ones” conveys a very special atmosphere, since art is capable of erasing boundaries: geographical boundaries as well as personal limitations. Like cinema, loft style life is a real art.