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A broker tour was offered to the partners of the company Coldy in the show-room of the concept loft. LOFTEC For the partners of the company Coldy, a broker tour was offered in the show-room of the concept-loft LOFTEC

News 12 December 2017

Last week, a broker tour was offered to the partners of the company Coldy. A high-tech show-room of the LOFTEC concept-loft project was presented. During the tour of the project, the sales managers detailed the concept of the project design and the technologies used. All the guests of LOFTEC show-room were able to assess the quality of the works performed live and in detail, and to get acquainted with the innovative technologies that we implemented within this project. In the showroom, windows from the company Schuco are installed: a fully retractable window section with an electric drive, a height of 3.2 meters, in compliance with all safety standards. The guests of the broker tour could appreciate a full-featured system «Smart House», which includes: multiple lighting options, unified multimedia space, climate control system, and also a reliable security service for the apartment, protecting against leaks and floods. Most importantly, all of the above can be controlled from the mobile application LOFTEC. Also, a unique interface for managing the residential services of the aparthotel from the Smartphone was demonstrated: it can be used for managing cleaning services, ordering passes, ordering groceries, and video surveillance system outside the territory. In addition to the show room, the guests were able to appreciate some options of the finished design that are offered to LOFTEC customers.

The interactive assistant was the most important surprise during the broker-tour: a robot, which, together with specialists of the sales department, presented the LOFTEC project to the guests. He was happy to make new acquaintances, actively communicated with guests, helped managers to answer questions and even offered to make selfies! The choice of such a guide in the show-room is not accidental: in the future, the robot’s «big brother» will work as a concierge at the reception of the concept-loft LOFTEC and enjoy the attention of residents and their guests every day. The technical characteristics of the concierge robot LOFTEC include the ability to recognize voices, faces, remember everything that is told to it and quickly process information. The robot is also able to actively support any conversation and move freely along a given trajectory. The opportunity to deal with household matters, such as payment of maintenance charges, interaction with the management company and the customer service, by communicating with the robot will be a pleasant bonus for future residents of LOFTEC. The concierge robot LOFTEC is equipped with a payment terminal and artificial intelligence.