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Answers of the expert of the clinic «TOP PHYSIO» to the questions of the readers of the magazine «Beauty & Health»

Publications 3 December 2017

Karen Savadyan, physician, rehabilitation specialist, consultant on nutrition of the Russian-Italian Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine «Top Physio RUSSIA» answers the questions of readers of magazine «Beauty & Health».

I have a thigh muscle atrophy after knee surgery. What methods can solve the problem most effectively? Elena Simonova, 20 years old

The problem of muscle wasting or atrophy can be solved by a comprehensive treatment program: hydrokinesitherapy, exercise therapy, physical therapy and manual techniques. Multifaceted treatment helps accelerate rehabilitation: restore the volume, elasticity and strength of the muscles of the thigh, increase the amplitude of motion in the joint. The exercise classes include a range of exercises on special machines, simulators with biofeedback, body weight-based exercise, and using exercise equipment. For an additional effect, electric muscle stimulation is used, with the effect of electrical impulses on muscle tissue. We use several techniques in one rehabilitation session. We adopted this approach from our Italian colleagues from the clinic VillaStuart. In one session, the patient first practices in the gym, then can relax in the swimming pool.