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Market participants discuss the law on apartments

Publications 27 October 2017

The editors of «Stroitelnaya Gazeta» published the real estate market participants’ opinions about the law on apartments. Currently, a bill regulating the status of aparthotels and multifunctional buildings is being discussed at the portal presenting drafts of regulatory legal document. The draft proposes to introduce the concepts of aparthotel and multifunctional building, which includes apartments and non-residential premises, and extend the provisions of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation to the aparthotels

The company Coldy’ head of sales Pavel Logachev shared his opinion on this issue. «At the moment, the number one task is to protect the shared construction participants from frauds. While the current version of the Law 214 (before the latest changes, which come into force in 2018 — a note of the „Construction Newspaper“), offers some protection to apartment buyers, those who purchase aparthotel units are not entitled to any compensation at all in case of fraud. »