For investors

Real property is a highly-remunerative business. The company’s 14-year success, service package, professional competence in the field of development is the guarantee for the commercially successful cooperation for all our partners.
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Professional asset management
Partnership in the company projects allows the investors not only to participate in the commercially successful projects in the development market, but also to participate in the creation of the unique real estate assets.
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Investing in the company objects
Every project of Coldy is an opportunity to acquire residential or commercial property, which provide its owner the asset growth from the starting point to the implementation of the project.
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Ready rental business
A real bargain in the commercial property market: business with ensured profitability is offered in the projects from Coldy.

Special offers

Ready rental business is the ensured profitability of your investment. Coldy offers a wide range of investment offers in its business centers and MFC.