With the positive and creative atmosphere in the company every employee is given an opportunity to show his strengths and professional skills. Coldy provides a career growth for its employees. Being a member of the team, you will apply your abilities and talents and gain the valuable experience of working on interesting projects.

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Real interesting projects in the historic center of Moscow
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Professional team with long experience in the real estate market
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Possibility of the professional growth within and with the company

Stories of Success

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Anna Vahromova
Company lawyer
One of the markers of the company maturity is the opportunities for the employees to develop and build a career. Coldy provides such opportunities, and it is seen as one of the company advantages as a developer and an employer.
When I started working for Coldy as an Assistant General Director in 2014, I had a wide range of responsibilities: office and secretarial work, administrative and household work. As the main office was situated in Tsvetnoy Bulvar, I had to be in charge of two construction sites, as well as to assist the General Director. I had to work in multitask mode. It was interesting, exciting, difficult at times because I was pressed with time and had a great amount of work to do. But I liked it.

Working for Coldy I understood that the sky is the limit. I was among energetic and initiative people. I was working with Dmitry Anatolyevich, the inspirer of all the projects. I can’t but mention, that the company has reached a new level for the last year, we are working on the new projects, we have implemented a lot of innovative ideas since the number of employees has increased, that means the company is growing, developing, living! We moved into our own office. It had an impact on me and at some moment I took the decision to grow professionally. I decided to continue my studies. I entered the Higher School of Economics, the Faculty of Jurisprudence. This profession has always appealed to me, but it happened that first I got my degree in Economics. After graduation I started working, I didn’t want to study part-time and didn’t want to acquire skills in this sphere as I believe a lawyer who got part time education is not a lawyer. There were no evening classes for lawyers at that time. I got back to my ambition a few years later. The situation changed. There appeared much more possibilities and varieties for studying Law. I said to myself «Now or never!» I passed all the exams, and I became a student of the University! At the same time I was offered an opportunity to develop in the company. From an assistant I was moved to the position of a lawyer in the Legal department. I have to say, it’s not easy to work and to study simultaneously. But at the same time, I have a chance to learn something new at the University and to apply it in Coldy. Besides, my colleagues are always there to give me some valuable advice and to support me! On December 27th I passed my first exams with honours. I’m so excited. I am sure I have unlimited opportunities for my own potential and growth in Coldy. I won’t stop here, in any case. I will be diligent in my studies and I will apply my knowledge. By doing so I will make my contribution to the company development!